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Book 2: Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets by J.K. Rowling.


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On July 31, it is Harry’s birthday, but nobody remembers. All of the Dursleys care about is that their guests to the day: significant customers for Uncle Vernon’s conduct enterprise. Uncle Vernon tells Harry to sit in his area and pretend he does not exist – he does not need Harry’s freakishness (i.e., magical) wrecking his small business. When Harry retreats into his room to keep out of this way, however, he discovers someone unexpected awaiting: a house-elf called Dobby. Jim Dale – Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets Audio Book.

House-elves are bound in servitude into wizarding families. This specific house-elf has faded off from his dark magician household to frighten Harry that something awful is coming to Hogwarts this school season. Harry can not return to Hogwarts for his own security; Dobby is decided to maintain the Boy-Who-Lived living. Harry does not care about arbitrary dangers in the arch-nemesis who murdered his parents, Lord Voldemort; he simply desperately must escape from the Dursleys back to his very best friends at college. Dobby is frustrated Harry will not promise to not return to Hogwarts. So Dobby takes desperate steps: he supposes a charm that destroys the Dursleys’ dinner celebration. He claims Harry will not get out.

They come flying to the bars on Harry’s windows within an enchanted automobile belonging to his or her dad. Audiobook Jim Dale Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets. They pull on the bars in the windows and assist Harry to escape. They bring Harry back into the Weasley family in the Burrow. Harry has an great time there till college begins, particularly once he and Ron enter London to purchase school supplies and match their other best friend, Hermione Granger.

In Diagon Alley, the key wizarding road in London, Harry, Ron, and Hermione visit Flourish and Blotts (a publication) to purchase their college textbooks for the year. Professor Lockhart seems too self-conscious and vain; he immediately zeroes in on Harry because the renowned Boy-Who-Lived and attempts to use Harry’s celebrity for more attention for himself by the Daily Prophet paper. J.K Rownling – Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets Audio Book. In Flourish and Blotts can also be Harry’s most important school enemy, Draco, along with his father, Lucius Malfoy. The owner of the shop eventually must split this up.

However, Harry and Ron can not get through the magic barrier to Platform 9 3/4. They succeed in attaining Hogwarts largely safe (however they’re seen by a few Muggles, which will be strictly against magician law), however the car loses power and crashes into a barbarous tree known as the Whomping Willow. Harry and Ron live, but the automobile is fed up and rolls to the Forbidden Forest.

Harry and Ron get into enormous trouble for coming late at school and arriving from a flying car. What is more, Ron snapped his nickname at the wreck, so his charms become unpredictable and undirected for the remainder of the year. They do not get expelled, however, that’s the main thing. Ginny is quite shy around Harry, but she definitely has a massive crush on him. Book 2: Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets audiobook read by Jim Dale.

Harry begins to notice strange things round the castle: he hears a voice which nobody else could hear, which speaks about tearing, ripping killing. Harry worries he’s beginning to lose his thoughts. They find a massive pool of water on the ground. Her eyes are wide open, but she’s stiff as a plank. The entire school suddenly begins to suspect that Harry is accountable for this particular occasion.

Draco creates a snake seem, and also the snake turns to strike a Hufflepuff next year, Justin Finch-Fletchley. Harry informs the snake to cease without realizing that he is talking to it in Parseltongue, snake speech. The ability to talk to snakes is among those matters Salazar Slytherin, one of the creators of this faculty and the supposed founder of the Chamber of Secrets, has been famous for. Jim Dale – Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets Audiobook Free. Since none of the other children can comprehend Parseltongue, they guess that Harry had been supporting the snake to attack Justin since Justin is a Muggle-born rather than a pureblood wizard. The entire school begins to feel Harry is that the Heir of Slytherin that has started the Chamber.

It will not help matters that another victim of what’s occurring in the college will be Justin Finch-Fletchley. All the Hufflepuffs (and a number of the other pupils at Hogwarts) believe Harry has to have been the one to strike Justin. After Colin Creevey, a Gryffindor first year that has been bothersome Harry with his continuous photos, ends up Petrified also, the college takes this as clear proof that Harry was up to no good.

Meanwhile, Harry, Ron, and Hermione are attempting to obtain the Heir of Slytherin in their own. They conclude that the flooding of water in Mrs. Norris’s assault came out of a nearby toilet. She did not see anything with that night, however. Since Moaning Myrtle has this horrible personality, her toilet is always vacant. So Harry, Ron, and Hermione Opt to use it as a foundation to make Polyjuice Potion. Polyjuice Potion permits you to choose the shape of some other individual for one hour provided that you’ve got a hair from him or her to increase the potion in the last moment. Jim Dale – Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets (listen online). Harry, Ron, and Hermione believe Draco Malfoy is all about the strikes, so they opt to select the contours of his Slytherin buddies to have a confession from him.

They’re finally able to accumulate all the components and complete the potion by Christmas break. Harry and Ron transform successfully into Draco’s 2 dim-witted best buddies, Crabbe and Goyle. She utilized a hair in the robes of Millicent Bulstrode within her potion, but the hair proves to have been kitty instead of individual. Hermione sprouts hair out of her face and develops cat ears and a tail. Harry and Ron split into the Slytherin Common Room to Speak to Draco, however they figure out (disappointingly) that he is not the Heir to Slytherin. He does inform them that the Chamber was opened fifty decades back, and that moment, a Muggle-born expired.

There aren’t any new strikes and Hermione returns to her ordinary human form. Apparently, a person threw a sterile journal into her bathroom. Harry takes the journal and finds that it belonged to some Hogwarts Head Boy, Tom Riddle. Riddle enchanted the journal to continue to a few of his memories. Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets Audiobook Jim Dale Download Free . When Harry asks the journal what occurred fifty years earlier using the Chamber of Secrets, Riddle reveals it was Hagrid, the recent Hogwarts groundskeeper, who had been maintaining a monster secret at the castle. Harry enjoys Hagrid, so that he does not need to think it is true. Yet he understands that Hagrid has a poor spot for frightening creatures, therefore Harry supposes that Hagrid was the only one to start the Chamber the very first moment.

Before his Quidditch match against Hufflepuff, Harry finds the voice from the walls. Hermione has some type of breakthrough and rushes into the library to investigate more, but she’s Petrified until she can tell them exactly what she attained. Now that Hermione is the fourth student assaulted, matters have arrived at a crisis stage. Harry and Ron opt to sneak down to Hagrid’s hut to face him.

Fudge doesn’t have any proof, but he is under a great deal of pressure in the college governors, which was exactly what Hagrid was expelled from Hogwarts for fifty decades back. Since Hagrid leaves for Azkaban prison, ” he declares loudly that individuals ought to be observing the spiders should they would like to find out something useful. Lucius Malfoy also seems to inform Professor Dumbledore the college governors have voted to remove him from office in aftermath of those attacks. So Hogwarts is abandoned with no Hagrid or Dumbledore, its Headmaster. Jim Dale – Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets Audiobook Free. Harry and Ron come back to the school really frustrated.

Harry develops increasingly more determined to learn exactly what’s causing these attacks. After Hagrid’s directions, Harry and Ron monitor a line of lions from the castle to the Forbidden Forest. They arrive in a hollow in the floor in which the creature Hagrid did bring to the castle, a massive spider named Aragog, confirms he had been not increased from the Chamber of Secrets. Aragog never murdered anyone. He’s prepared to allow his kids (other enormous spiders) consume Ron and Harry, however. They understand Hagrid is innocent, but they do not understand what to do.

They assert they were planning to stop by Hermione at the Hospital Wing, as they don’t need to get into trouble for searching for your Chamber of Secrets. Professor McGonagall is transferred and lets them move. It is a description of a monster known as a basilisk, a giant venomous snake that could kill only be looking at you. Harry realizes that the creature in the Chamber of Keys have to be a basilisk, because not one of those men and women that were Petrified looked in the basilisk directly. The truth is that none of them made eye contact with all the basilisk is the one thing which saved their lives. Harry can speak Parseltongue (snake speech), which explains exactly why he noticed it speaking as it moved through the plumbing of this faculty. Listen Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets Jim Dale Audio Book.

Harry and Ron find the basilisk has really physically taken a pupil down to the Chamber of Secrets: Ginny Weasley. They opt to help bring back her. They move and locate Professor Lockhart, who, as Defense instructor, will be going to resist the monster. But, Professor Lockhart is really packaging to run away. He’s boasted all year of his amazing deeds, but he is really a giant liar. Ron and Harry use their wands to induce Professor Lockhart facing them as they proceed to search to the Chamber of Keys in Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom.

Moaning Myrtle tells Harry and Ron that she expired looking to a pair of eyes. They realize she had been killed by the basilisk, which it came from a pipe in the sinks against the wall. Ron stains that among these taps is shaped just like a snake. Harry controls it to start in Parseltongue, along with the spout opens to reveal a tube into the Chamber of Secrets. As Harry, Ron, and Professor Lockhart continue down the tube, Professor Lockhart attempts to throw a Memory Charm to provide Harry and Ron amnesia and rescue their own life. However, he’s using Ron’s wand, which can be broken. The batter backfires and Professor Lockhart is struck with his own curse. Jim Dale – Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets Audiobook Download. The power of this hex half-collapses the tube. Harry continues forward.

Harry finds Ginny unconscious at the Chamber of Secrets. Near her is the celestial figure of Tom Riddle. Riddle finally explains he was using his journal to add hands of Ginny for a lot of the year. He can take physical shape now since he’s feeding off Ginny’s soul. He lied when he told Harry that Hagrid was the only to start the Chamber of Secrets; it had been really Riddle himself if he had been a pupil at Hogwarts. Riddle compelled Ginny to go in the Chamber so as to lure Harry to him since he wishes to speak to Harry. Riddle has found that Harry is renowned for defeating Voldemort as a infant. He wishes to understand how Harry did it because Harry was a baby and Voldemort was the best wizard who ever lived.

Harry informs Riddle he escaped with his own life since his mom scarified her own life for Harry, leaving him shielded by her love. Riddle’s incorrect, however, when he believes he is the best magician that ever was. Jim Dale Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets Audio Book. Harry states Professor Dumbledore is the best wizard. Following this series of religion, Professor Dumbledore’s phoenix looks carrying the Sorting Hat to Harry. When the journal is ruined, Ginny wakes up and she and Harry fight back up the tunnel into Hogwarts.

Together with Harry’s heroic deeds, the college is reopened and Professor Dumbledore yields. Professor Dumbledore tells Harry he can talk to snakes since Voldemort can; if Voldemort tried to kill Harry twenty five years before, he left a little of his energy in Harry. Nevertheless, this does not imply that Harry will turn into the following Voldemort. Professor Dumbledore affirms that Harry is really a Gryffindor: he brought Gryffindor’s sword from the Sorting Hat.

Throughout Harry’s talk with Professor Dumbledore, Lucius Malfoy walks, followed by his mistreated house-elf, Dobby. He is angry that Professor Dumbledore has return into the faculty. Considering that another college governors have asked Dumbledore to come back, however, there’s nothing Lucius can perform. J.K. Rownling – Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets Audiobook (read by Jim Dale). In that instant, Harry realizes it was Lucius Malfoy who slipped Ginny the journal during his struggle with Ginny’s dad at Flourish and Blotts at the start of the book. Dobby was attempting to protect Harry from his master’s wicked behavior.

Harry palms the journal back to Lucius coated in among the filthy socks. Lucius rips off the sock in a fury. As he throws down the sock, Dobby the house-elf catches it. Dobby was serving the Malfoys contrary to his will all the moment. From the conditions of the house-elf’s enslavement, in the event the master gifts the house-elf with garments, the house-elf can move loose. When Lucius understands how Harry has duped him into allowing Dobby go, Lucius attempts to curse Harry. Book 2: Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets by Jim Dale. Now that Dobby is free of charge, however, he shields Harry out of Lucius before evaporating in the castle.

From the conclusion of Chamber of Secrets, Lucius Malfoy was fired from being college governor, Professor Lockhart is becoming amnesia out of his own backfired memory appeal, Dobby the house-elf is absolutely free, Ginny is free from Tom Riddle’s ownership, and Harry has figured out that he’s a true Gryffindor. Jim Dale – Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets.